Digital Health technologies have become incredible tools to monitor biometrics and manage patients' health. 

Yet, much of collected biometric data is inaccessible to healthcare providers. 

Bridges Health is the portal for patients to transmit biometric data to their provider and for providers to utilize data and help prevent disease.

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Today, there is a diversity of mobile health applications that collect great data. 

But there is no central platform to transmit this information. Many patients email, text, or screenshot their mHealth app to their provider making data access and disease management difficult.


Bridges Health is the portal for patients to seamlessly transmit their data to their provider. 

For providers, we standardize the data to easily integrate different mHealth applications to one central platform - Bridges Health.

We then connect Bridges Health into existing EMR systems through FHIR, making data access easy for physicians and medical teams.

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Central platform to access all of your mHealth data on one screen

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Aesthetic data visualizations for holistic analysis

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Seamless integration to connect various mHealth applications


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